Last Supper.


I read this article this morning (found via Food News Journal) and was immediately immersed in self-analysis.  This is a wonderful exhibit of photography that brings up some very important questions about the death penalty and looking at your own mortality.

Especially poignant was this story about the olive.  The photographer, James Reynolds, explains:

"I tried to research why each prisoner chose what they did, but only discovered why the single olive was chosen. This olive was un-pitted, and the thinking behind it was that the inmate thought that after being executed and buried, an olive tree—a symbol of peace—would grow from him. It was indeed a very profound thought or idea, but an olive tree has not yet been found on his grave."


This really struck me.  I think even though there has not been an actual olive tree growing from the inmate's grave, the photographer, by organizing this project, has given him one--a voice for the whole world to hear his peaceful intentions.  That is very powerful.

What would your last supper be?



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  1. I'm so glad you posted this! Such a cool and inspiring idea. I'm pretty sure my last meal would change everyday. Today, it would probably have to be... coffee and a really good b.l.t. lol pretty random but that sounds delicious to me right now


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