Happy Weekend

Hello internet cosmos!  I'm so happy to be back in sunny FL with the Mr. and our dog-child.

I had a wonderful week in Texas celebrating my little brother and the end of his college years.  I got to perform with him at TCU for his senior recital and I had a blast.  Needless to say, the stage I played on is used as a venue for the Van Cliburn so it was super fun for me.

Byrne Construction

I was so busy traveling this week so I wasn't able to get on this thing at all.  But I have to say, it sure is good to be back.  There's something really satisfying about compiling inspiration in one place, to have at your fingertips--and the fingertips of the entire internet cosmos for that matter--at all times, day or night, anywhere in the world.  Only where there is internet, of course.

Speaking of no internet, after watching the coverage of Egypt all day yesterday while traveling through airports, I was especially inspired to get on here when I got back home so I could use my privilege for all its worth.  To blog, for all to see.  Or for no one to see.  Regardless, I have that freedom and I am thankful.

Here are some wonderful things from around our free web to inspire your weekend.  Enjoy!

"The Prayer Picture"

This is such an inspiring account of the perseverance of the human spirit.  In the midst of adversity, people stop to pray.  It's peaceful and beautiful and personal. 

In more useless and lighthearted news, I think this makeup case is awesome and it's been on my wish list for a while now.  How's that for a change of subject?

Abba Dabba Bags

Last but not least, on my brief hiatus from the internet, I was really trying to think of ways to beautify the blog.  So I decided I needed to put a bird on it.

Pest Control Rx (how's that for a website?)


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