I had never really had an appreciation for quilts until I met my husband.  His sister and brother-in-law make wonderful quilts--a husband and wife team that make really intricate beautiful pieces.  It wasn't until I watched them in the process that I noticed just how meticulous a quilter needs to be, not only technically, but creatively, in order to edit their ideas in a way to make the quilt truly make sense.

Since being a part of my husband's family, I have watched them use a sewing machine in ways I didn't know possible, and my appreciation grew.  To the point where now every time I see anything that has to do with quilts, I am mesmerized.

So it's no surprise that when I saw this post I was floored.  Aren't these the most beautiful works of art?

And of course, they're made specifically for Anthropologie.  No shock there.  You can find all the quilts here.


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