To blog or not to blog...

How does one start a blog exactly?

After writing my inaugural entry last night, I laid in bed awake trying to think of my next entry.  This may seem a bit obsessive but once I opened this Pandora's Box I felt a bit doomed.  How does one pick the first topic to tell the internet cosmos about that is important enough to you to write about first?  Circular, I know.  Let me try again.  What is the most important topic to me?  What would I want my first internet footprint to be?

So, now with my cup of coffee, trying to avoid getting ready for work, I'm still trying to figure it out.

Or maybe the answer is my first real entry doesn't have to be that outrageously momentous.  I think this may in actuality just be a site of random thoughts that have no real place on the spectrum of importance.  Yeah, I like that better.

So let's give it a shot.

I assume this woman is in the medical field because no one can rock Danskos this hard without some serious practice.

The Sartorialist

This gorgeous table is the "reason why" for my friend who's getting married in June.  And I have to say, it may be the be-all-end-all for me as well.

Once Wed

I ran across this post yesterday and was out-of-control inspired.  Images from Miss Moss.

And if you haven't tried this recipe yet, you should.  I think it made me comfortable with the idea of butter as a normally used ingredient.  Simple, yes.  Powerful, oh yeah.

Smitten Kitchen

I think that's good for now.  More to come--

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